Investing in the skills of teaching staff is essential to institutes for education or corporate training.

Educational simulations and serious games are new, powerful didactical tools. Nevertheless, in many cases the high potential of these
tools is hardly exploited, due to lack of knowledge in this field.

The teaching staff of many institutes is aging rapidly, and for many teachers their didactical training took place long before the rise of these new tools.

Furthermore, even today, most institutes for teacher training give little attention to this subject.

Games and Reality offers very flexible training programs in this field, that are tuned to the specific needs of the organization involved. The training programs may involve the general skills that most teachers need like didactical aspects of simulations and games and  implementation  of off the shelf applications.


But also more specialized training programs are offered on demand e.g., for training aspects of in-house or outsourced software development.

We like to follow a practical approach, aiming at concrete improvements of existing courses, or even at the construction of entirely new courses around simulations and games.


A very active participation of the teachers is essential to obtain these concrete results.